Tom Davenport

Tom Davenport

Journalist and recording engineer.

Tom Davenport has been living on the front line of the internet since the early days of forums and BBcode. Now he contributes to a range of music and technology sites, and enjoys working on studio recording projects.

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Open uri20130428 21322 2c1alw article

Finding Radiohead's King Of Limbs

A hunt through Savernake Forest for the tree that inspired Radiohead's eighth album title.

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Technology Review

Installable Web Apps Will be the Next Tech Battleground

A coming wave of “installable web apps” could make HTML5 the centerpiece of modern app development—but a battle is brewing over who will decide the format that becomes the industry standard.

Open uri20130609 23313 5afxcy article

How to secure your personal data on social networks | Reviews ...

Worried about handing over personal data via apps you use in social networks like Facebook and Twitter? Take control with this guide.

Open uri20130428 29055 olyax7 article
The Guardian

Apple developing new audio file format to offer 'adaptive streaming ...

Format will provide high- or low-quality files to iCloud users.

Open uri20130609 20893 18oid3t article
Technology Review

Mozilla developers demonstrate screen-sharing using WebRTC ...

A Google-led browser technology will be the centerpiece of many more powerful Web apps.

Open uri20130609 23684 1h07v4v article
Wired UK

best online schools and courses tested (Wired UK)

How we tested
Our apprentice coder, who has limited experience of computer programming, took five online courses to find out how much and how quickly he could learn. Assessing the site's multimedia c...

Open uri20130428 21322 gfk14x article

Xbox 720 release date rumours, graphics and spec news

Will we wait three years for the next-gen Xbox to drop or will Microsoft chuck us an Xbox Lite tidbit? Here's our rumour mill round-up.

Open uri20130428 21322 1bmjbhd article

Steve Jobs obituary

A look back at the life and achievements of Steve Jobs. I wrote this at 2am shortly after hearing about Steve's death so CNET could post it first thing in the morning.

Open uri20130609 23684 1q63jyw article

How to use your iPad as an external monitor over Wi-Fi | Reviews ...

Connect your gorgeous iPad display to a desktop computer to use it as an impressive second monitor over Wi-Fi.

Open uri20130428 21322 17zj2rd article

Why 24-Bit will be Bad for Users

Apple and other digital retailers are planning to offer 24-bit audio to consumers. It should be an easy sell; recording studios use 24-bit, it's how the music was mixed, and it's how the consumers should hear it. Right? Wrong.

Open uri20130428 12983 tr558i article

Guitar amp pioneer Jim Marshall dies aged 88

The British man who pioneered guitar amps, and in turn inspired a rock revolution that changed the world, has passed away.

iPad 3 rumours: Release date, specs and more

As the iPad 3 release draws nearer, our video guides you through the rumour mill and reveals what to expect from the next big Apple launch.